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Discover alternative investment strategies to mitigate public market volatility and increase diversification within your portfolio.

NOW OPEN FOR INVESTMENT: Skyline Apartment REIT AND Skyline Clean Energy Fund


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Skyline Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust


Skyline Apartment REIT is one of Canada’s fastest-growing private multi-residential real estate portfolios, offering investors monthly cash flow and capital growth potential.

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Skyline Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust


Skyline Commercial REIT is a diversified portfolio of 100% Canadian light industrial and warehousing real estate, offering investors monthly cash flow and capital growth potential. 

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Skyline Retail Real Estate Investment Trust


Skyline Retail REIT is a diversified portfolio of retail properties with a focus on trusted national brands with long-term leases, offering investors monthly cash flow and capital growth potential.

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Skyline Clean Energy Fund


Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF) is focused on clean energy assets backed by long-term government contracts, offering investors capital growth.

Canadian investors are increasingly looking to private alternative investment strategies to help them reduce volatility and increase portfolio diversification. Alternative investments are financial assets that do not fall into the traditional investment categories of stocks, bonds or cash assets. Alternative assets can be things such as private equity, real estate holdings, hedge funds, managed futures & commodities, derivatives or fine art & collectables. When referring specifically to “private” alternative investments, it means that those assets don’t trade in the public market space. Because of this, private alternative investments can offer investors downside risk protection through low correlation to public market events and downturns. By adding private holdings to a portfolio, investors can help to provide true diversification within their portfolio by holding various types of investments within different markets altogether.

Skyline Wealth Management Inc. (“Skyline Wealth”) offers investors access to 4 unique private alternative investments based on real assets; helping investors reach their financial goals without the worry of what the markets may or may not do. Learn more about Skyline’s proprietary investments and how they might fit into your portfolio and investment goals below.


Skyline Wealth is the exclusive Exempt Market Dealer for the Skyline Group of Companies (“Skyline”). All of the Skyline investment products are considered private alternative investments – meaning they don’t trade on the public markets. By keeping our investments private, we maintain a low correlation to public market volatility, providing a historically stable investment experience; helping to provide greater peace of mind while working towards your investment goals. Additionally, by keeping the investments private, it means that the real assets form the basis of the unit value of our investor’s holdings – not market sentiment.

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As mentioned above, Skyline’s investments are all considered private alternative investments and don’t trade on the public markets. Instead, all of Skyline’s investments are purchased within the Exempt Market. As such, investors need to meet certain eligibility requirements to invest with Skyline Wealth.

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